Two views — Barossa

(Menglers hill)

You’ll take this place away!
This view is portable. You ’ll find
yourself unpacking it a year from now
and half a continent between. Your mind
will catalogue a day invaded by
wild irises and sparaxis grown loud
in churchyards. Mengler’s hill
will be with you when next October happens
east of here. The patchwork patterns
fence-stitched on the valley floor will fill
the space between your eyelids and your eyes.

(Hilde ’s kitchen)

Remember yesterday? You saw this hillside through
the light that tamarisks filtered in between
the starch in curtains. Light improved
by strudel, kuchen and the smoke-blown
Metters scent of stove enamel — sharp, clean,
wood-warmed smells. A light that ran
through German blessings on the wall and spilled
across that day you took away a hill,
packed shadow-patches cast by tamarisks and
brought sparaxis and stone-walled churchyards home.

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