Frank’s poems collected here are from his two books, “Tide Pools” and “The Asphalt and the Stars”, as well as anthologies :

  • Someone is Flying Balloons (Omnibus Books)    1983
  • Rattling in the Wind (Omnibus Books)                  1987
  • Stay Loose Mother Goose (Omnibus Books)        1990
  • Looking Out, Looking In (Brolga Press)                  1994

Many of the poems here have not been published before and were due to be the contents of a third volume. Discussions during the last year of Frank’s life gave the beginnings of this volume, “Poems mixed with Memories”, and in the absence of Frank’s corporeal guidance, we have made a start on categorising them.

Poems are being uploaded in the order of those we have electronic copies of followed by scanned images from Frank’s books and papers.

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