“Know the face of course, it’s just the name
that’s slipped my mind for now. That’s it. You came
here back in forty five. When? Thirty two?
That’s getting back. Wait, now I’ve got you, you
played centre wing for Westies. What’s that? Norths?
back pocket, eh? Let’s think a bit. Of course
you did. You lived near Redruth then?  Along
the Morgan road?. Where? Cooper Street? Hang on –
old bluestone place?. Verandahs?. Geez it’s gone –
been gone for years now. Bulldozed – half a day
it took. Top job. You should have seen the way
the history freaks performed. Well, I suppose
you’ll want to look around. I’d watch it though –
some clowns will think they knew you back before
you joined Army – Navy then. They’d know,
those tree-freak blown-in-yesterdays. But then
I’m local, born and raised here. Knew you when
you first walked through the door.
What was the name again?”

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