He That Seeketh

Matthew 7 v. 7

What? Yes, a peaceful Easter to you too.
And by the way I wonder if you’ve seen
my tea towels. Strange, I’m sure I left them there
somewhere in the Deanery, that tea
we gave those people from the Solomons
or somewhere. Yes, you must remember, green,
with Irish writing, printed linen, new
and quite expensive. Not the point of course
– the risks of stewardship. I know that you
will let me know my dear. If you’ll excuse
me now I’ll ask the Dean again – he needs
reminding sometimes. Not my day I see.
Those people from the African appeal
have formed their little instant synod and
if I know them they’ll have his ear all morning.
It’s scarcely fair, he’s such a busy man.

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