Pygmalion            Unusual? I agree. I understand
                     her story brought you here. No doubt you've heard
                     how Aphrodite saw my statue then
                     returned with gifts, yes, six: five senses and
                     that last and special blessing, speech. She tends —
                     — but that's unfair, we‘ll let it pass — she may
                     have heard enough of silence — days,
                     no, soundless years that only ended when
                     the Goddess breathed her into speaking. She
                     is catching up though, quickly too. But please
                     sit down, that bench, some wine? She’ll be nearby
                     talking down a friend or two. Would you
                     excuse me now? I must get on. I try
                     to make the most of quiet times, they're rare
                     enough. You’ll not wait long I promise. She'll
                     be back, you mark my words — and soon.

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