Easterly (for Amy)

Windmills face the way it came from.
Dust-clouds stream
from backs of tractors. Dried-out thistles
crackle in the paddocks. Tussocks lean
on western fences. Pepper boughs sweep dirt in circles.
Box-thorns whistle
high on hillsides. Wind-clouds glide
through scoured-out skylight. Creek beds wither.
Ibis hide.
Fennel bends.
Reeds blow dry.

Chaff-shed rafters shelter sparrows.
Fowls stay home.
Kelpies curl on folded wheat-bags. Seed-pods blown
from thistles catch in cob-webs or
collect in corners. Harness swings
on stable doors.

Generators sway and rattle.
Guy-wires strain.
Racing vanes spin light to read by. Evening sounds
creep in through curtains. Locking chains
send haunting noises round verandahs.
Smoke blows down
in kitchen chimneys. As it goes
wind tops the tanks up. Pump rods rumble.
Water flows.
Stock-troughs ripple.
Cannas grow.

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