Decently and in Order

He wrote that?  Beaut kid of course but, well,
school scatterbrain you know. He always leaves
his bag about in corridors. Last week
the History Senior tripped on it and sprawled
across the P.E. locker room. You’ll see —
he’ll  have you out of rope and up the wall
by end of term. You have Eleven G
again today.  A word perhaps — new face,
he might take notice. Ask him for some lines
with neatness as a theme. lt’s worth a try.
That really is a lovely poem you know.
Is that the time? Excuse me now, must fly”.

Today again? God,how the weeks fly. He’ll
turn up of course — and late. Last week he brought
a  poem first-drafted on a lunch bag — grease
and sunlight in a haiku. But today
l may set light aside and lean to neatness, bring
some discipline to thinking, guide our thoughts
to order, bags and corridors, you know —
important things.

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