Come to Judgement

He let her go! He let her get away!
It won’t rest here. I know the law. The slur
that part-time harlot smeared across my name
will cost her something yet – you mark my words.
Her jealousy no doubt, they’re all the same
that up-from- gutter family of hers.
And now their dragged-up slut goes uncondemned.
hat spendthrift bitch, that nothingness in bed;
she knew that too, I told her, spades are spades
with me. Straight speech and honesty I’ve said –
but let that pass. That evidence I gave
those law-ignoring louts before they led
her here to face that farce they call a trial
was like that too – straightforward. All those hours –
did I say hours, no, years I’ve watched. It’s true
some neighbours helped. Would you believe I found
some siding with her? Well, I’ve work to do
or all that effort goes for nothing now.
My God, there’s legal history here, a day
of judgement written in the dirt! I need
fresh evidence, facts written down before
those whore-supporting hypocrites who freed
her cringe off home. Some Daniel this! Some law
he brings from Galilee! “Go, sin no more”,
he said. Some punishment! “First stone”, indeed!

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