Autumn Barbecue

       within the scent of embers where the last
       of smoke-blued sun-rays run
       along their slanting path through glass.
       And catching
       colour from the claret, patch the matching
       eastward -leaning shadows with their shafts
       of wine-stained sun.
       to voices gleaning decades as they send
       their memories back for names retained
       in half-light where the legends end.
       half-forgotten plots to epics. Calling
       people in from silence. Shadows blend
       with light again.

       that, although contracting days match hands that time
       has shrunk and shaken as it passes,
       (hands that spill a little of the wine
       in pouring)
       years stand still within these tellers. Stories
       colourful as claret pour from minds
       as clear as glasses.

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